Champions League: the three most successful teams


The sports world is full of titles and names that make the struggle of the majority of players around the world, the Champions League represents for many footballers and Clubs the highest title to wear before leaving a team, so many clubs have worn this title, but the 2021 ranking is an exception to which we put this article at your disposal to better discover these teams.

Perception on league titles

If there is such a famous title in the world of football or soccer, it should not exceed the league champion. It is the one that the teams of the world aspire to have or covet the most. For many of these football teams take it as an honour. Since then, teams that have won these titles several times in their history are the kings of football. Also the players who give their best to make this title repeatable are the unavoidable kings of football. In addition, some teams in their covetousness have won this league champion victory several times and are consecrated the best clubs that are the most titled in the history of football, in the following is the list of teams that have won this title several times.

Ranking of the most successful teams in league championships

In the world league, there is a loot of football clubs that have spent their existence winning the league champion trophy. Moreover, in 2021 the world has received with joy the new list of teams that have enough titles than others in the league champions the first takes the name of Real Madrid. This club has managed to win 13 titles and from 2016 to 2018 with Zinedine Zidane as coach it has won the Champions League three times in a row. Then AC Milan with seven titles, which since 2014 does not have the grace to play a final, but keeps its place because of the victories of the past years. Finally, there is a German team called Bayen Munich, which has a record of six titles in total. This team is one of the three most successful teams in the Champions League,