Understanding New Betting Sites

In recent years a lot of new betting sites have been launched to help fill the demand for online sports betting around the world. GentingBet is one of the best online betting websites, and you can get more info here about this site and his odds. People in almost every country enjoy participating on these betting sites and winning big payouts, but what separates the new sites from every other sports betting site that has been around for many years?


Most new sites are established to help another company get a piece of the lucrative pie that is the football betting. A lot of money is poured into these websites every day on a huge variety of sports, so there is plenty of room for new entrants to come and take over in specific sports areas.


To start understanding new bookies, you have to think about the type of competition they are facing. Older, larger companies that have been around for decades usually have a great reputation and a well known name. So how can a new website compete with that?

This is one reason you’ll see many bookmakers offering great promotions to new account holders. They may also offer better odds on some matches than other sites. These are both strategic moves used to attract people to make accounts on their site and bet through their bookies instead of the established websites.


New bookmakers can sometimes have a more modern design and feel than older sites, simply because they have been made with fresh eyes and by designers who are familiar with current website design trends. Besides this, websites offer great promotions for new accounts and even some for existing accounts.

You might find new sportsbooks that focus on one particular sector of sports, such as racing, or those which extend to cover all types, plus having an integrated casino and online poker tables.

My betting system

I started betting on winner sportsbook only with the superbowl. Me and a couple of my buddies would do some crazy parlays on each superbowl for $20. The pay out on these parlays was great, but the chance of winning was slim and none. We did a parlay for each quarter, what the score would be, and which team would be ahead. The closest i’ve ever got was during the falcons game, i guess the first 2 quarters correctly, and i thgouth i would win, but then the last quarter did not go my way.

If i had won that i would have turned the $20 into $500! Parlays always give the best odds on your money, but unfortunatly very hard to win. So my new system a little more boring. What i do is, i go with the crowd. Whatever team has the worst odds is what i take. And so far im 7-1, 1 being a boxing match i lost, because boxing is really a 50-50 chance i think.

I think football games are alot better to bet on because they are more predictable. I’ve turned $20 into $100 easily in a couple weeks bettign on 10 games. Its amazing that none of these lost for me yet. The crowd is almsot always right it seems. Just too bad the pay off is so bad. I’ve entered bets where $10 wins you $2. But the thing about those is, you an be sure it is a lock, and thats why I am able to profit.